Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just an opinion

Hey guys , here a few opinion from my friends about the differences of love and like .  Some opinion maybe in Bahasa Melayu .  Do read it and like it ya :)

1.  Like is where you admire the person from afar or maybe wanna be with him / her or if that person interest you . love is where someone gives his/her feeling to someone and willing to stay loyal and trust that person without having any doubt about them

2. Love is the moment when you see someone that  had stolen your heart and the most important she or he always on your mind in every second and wants him or her stay by your side forever ( Ali )

3. Love is when she/he is infront us , we feel like tha earth is upside down and you'll feel like the wind blow to you like the Hindustand film --' . But, love is actually hurt but sometimes it will make us happy and most important thing is be a lovely person . Love is something that can't be translate in your writing but you must feel it . Go find your love ( Khairul )

4. Liking is just an infaluation everybody goes through easily . Like can be for anything and anyone . Thse crushes like is practically everything ! Love is where you start to feel jealous , pain , happiness and sorrow for someone that you've known not long ago . You can't explain love !  ( Sampan )

5.  Like is half blind , Love is fully blind ( Jing )

6. Perasaan suka hanyalah satu perasaan yang cuma hadir sekelip mata seperti perasaan yang dipakai dan selepas itu dibuang begitu sahaja tanpa ada sedikit pun perasaan yang betul-betul ikhlas yang muncul didalam hati mungkin niat ia hanya untuk menyakitkan hati dan perasaan orang lain . Perasaan saying adalah satu perasaan yang ikhlas dan hati tanpa ada ragu-ragu untuk meletakkan dirinya didalam hati . Nikmatilah perasaan saying ini dan mnyayangilah orang lain sebelum anda pergi . Biar hati ini mencintai orang perempuan/lelaki dalam hayat. (Haziq )

7. Like is a feeling towards friend . Love is a feeling towards someone special ( Hanna )

8. For me when I fall in love with him , everything is so beautiful . But when we had a little misunderstanding , everything turns upside down . This is love feelings toward him (Vanessa )

9. Suka itu boleh diibaratkan seperti angin yang berlalu pergi . Suka pada seseorang itu mungkin hanya sekejap sahaja .  Cinta ? Cinta ini selalu dikaitkan dengan menyintai seseorang dengan setulus hati . Cinta inilah yang boleh menyebabkan seseorang menjadi mabuk dibuai cinta . Tetapi , cinta yang paling tulus ialah cinta kepada Allah S.W.T.  (Afiqah )

10 . Suka ia suka seseorang melalui pegaulan dan cinta ialah suka seseorang melalui hati (jhae )

Lastly  ,  this is my opinion .  Sorry .

In my opinion , loves and likes just same in the beginning but it's quite complicated when you goes deeper to the manner or situation . Besides , for me, loves is blind . I can't even believe in true love . It such a miracle moment for me . Everything seen beautiful , happy , joy , fun and etc . Believe me, if you really love her/him believe her although she's keep lying to you . Even though sometimes I hate people cheat on me , because of that girl , I'll ignore it and forgive her for what she did .  Like is a feeling that will always come and go . It just like a wind or water in the pail . Moreover, we can likes anyone that we like . But , don't prank him/her .  Be an honest person . Guys got a feeling too . Girl also need to take care of their heart . Guys never show their feeling to their girl but the girl need to understand boy . Sacrifice the love . But, when her studies drop , boys better leave them for their own good . In other way , sacrifice for them . Besides , now , in my situation , I hate my life, I hate my time and I hate my situation . if i can turn back the time to the past , for sure I'll . I'm sad with my life, my friends and family . Now, loves and likes are different to me . In other word , when girl likes you , they didn't really like you . For the sake of heart , I just like and love one girl whom always make me smile and sad . It just fine to me because I'm used to it . If it is my fate , she will like me too . In the end , loves and likes got a lot of differences . Better sacrifice my love feeling toward my friends . Friend worth everything after my family . Time by time , we'll forget the girl whom used to prank , like and love us . Believe me, its not the time yet for us to think about it . With the hopes , I'll wait for you until the great time come . What a beautiful life style and moment . My heart start to beat faster and faster when the moment or time almost come. Yes, sometimes loves and likes just same but sometimes loves and likes does not same in other word " girls make our attitude change a lot " 

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