Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Start off with a new me

Its been a while I haven't post something here. Im so busy with my study and life. So I guess I need to develop back my writing skill like I did before. So hello and and ya Hi, Assalamualaikum . So again, this is my blog where I'll write everything about myself , about what Im doing and about what Im gonna do.

Perhaps, I might also write something about my family, my friends , my love maybe if I have one. Basically , I broke up with my girlfriend approximately 3 months ago , so ya, for this time being, surely there's no such thing about my girlfriend or what . Its very long story and I don't want to talk about it for sure. First of all, I would like to say sorry if I use English as my primary language rather than malay because sometime there's friends which is not Malaysian gonna read my post and they barely can't understand malay, so it will be much easier for me to write in English. I guess Malaysian people arent dumb enough to understand English. Don't worry , Im using basic English .

Life as a chemical engineering student isn't that easy. Before I continue, do ignore my grammatical error or you can just personal correct me if Im wrong , do have ethic and manners when you want to correct people. Manners are important here, my attitude will depends on how you treat me. Okay back to the story, life as a student , especially engineering student surely will give me ton of stresses when there comes to assignments , discussions , projects, experiments and etc , Im putting 's' here because its too many and it gave me head ache. To be honest , do not take this course if you don't have strong spirit and strong mental because you'll become someone lost if you're out of path . Experiences taught me lot of things when it comes to friendship, love life, financial , family and so on. I went through glorious time before and now my time has surd down drastically . But its fine because you've been in a time where you have your own result .

My life now is fine with my family, especially I have my nephew , he just 1 years old and soon he gonna have a sister because my sister pregnant again for her second child . Love life somehow make me far astray , far from remembering good things . I was confused , contaminated and lost , because its kinda sad and hurt when someone that you love left you for certain reasons. It might be my fault and it might be her fault. But keep this in mind "its her loss" and everything gonna be alright . If you love someone , do pray to God because he know better and he planned something great for us ahead if he doesn't reply your prayer . Do remember , God will always be with us , we as human being always forget that God with us all the time , well , see , you give you oxygen to breath ? Who give you ability to do chores and whatsoever ? So I believe there is no such thing as atheist in this world.

I do love her and I loyal to her before , but I believe , both of us need some time to fix ourself and take a break from everything . I did my best to talk to her but I failed and I left everything to God . 2 years relationship gone like nothing happened before. It was sad to remember all those reminiscences  because it would not make me propagate but somehow it do make me suffer . So I isolated myself from talking to friends and being alone except talking to someone that comfort me . I need my time alone and I did cried for something that useless to me . I believe you will say that Im such a crybaby or childish , but let me correct you , when a guy can cry for a girl , I guess that girl is the most precious for him and that girl must be lucky to have someone that really into her and do not waste that guy because he can definitely can tune down his ego just for her girl.

We change our topic , usually my life will be full of chapters and I will divide each stories chapter by chapter . Chapter 6 end here and we proceed to chapter 8 . Why chapter 8 ? because I don't really want to talk about chapter 7 and guess what , 7 is my lucky number . Anyway, chapter 8 gonna be about my life without any of those ridiculous things . Its time for me to transform myself from a person to a better person . Do remember , high expectation will leads us to failure and please, do not repeat the same mistakes like I did . I really have such a supportive family , they supported me all the time eventhough through my hardest time . I need to remember , family comes first.

Few my friends suggested me to move on, but its hard for me to move on . Well being with someone that you really crazy for the past 2 years , how come I can move on ? I love you guys but please , this time , just let me decide what to do in my life. I do love my friendship with people and I do hope that people will appreciate the kindness that I gave to them before. I give you flower , please don't give me shit. Im a guy that really hard to predict , easy word, unpredictable . Its very hard to understand me , even I also can't really understand myself . Im sorry if I being too annoying , but thats the way how I show you my comfort zone when I feel easy be with you .

Seems like Im mumbling here , sorry again , I need to practise more in order to get the correct calibration in writing again , do give me time . We need time to improve and stop judging , we all just the same human being , we have brain to think and surely we have feeling . So if someone ask me , how am i, I will say Im fine . But do know something here, Im not fine at all and I need time to heal .

Friday, August 11, 2017

Its been a while

Hi Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera . Its been a while , maybe 2 years I think I haven't update my post here . Im too busy with life maybe hahhaha . Well, as being requested by few of my friends to update my blog so here I am to update back . Should I recall back what happened to me these 2 years time ? nahhh maybe in another post I guess . Surely I will post about it later , stay tuned.

So , lets start. We planned this journey for almost a month , it just a last minute plan to go somewhere with friends, I mean brothers . We managed to plan it without any obstacle in the first place. Our members which going to this trip was Harith, Firdaus , Shafique, Sarah and me,myself . Usually we will have Dore and Aini to join along but both of them were busy , I will get back with you guys, who're they, absolutely they're special to me . However, we gone with few arrangements and few stuffs before the day arise . Few days before going, all of us were eager to go as this trip gonna be our first trip ever with friends. Certainly , out of the blue, a problem appeared . Shafique fought with his dad on certain occasion and somehow it created a fence for us for not going to the place that we planned before. Almost forgot, we're going to Hatyai , Thailand.

At first, we asked Shafique to seek for an apology from his dad , as an alder , I mean his dad as an alder, surely have its own sensitivity , so me as a youngster must always be patient with them . I don't want to talk much about it here. So we move to second day before the trip which was 1st August 2017 , we went out lepak as Firdaus and Harith were busy working before this  . Me and Sarah , as usual, enjoying our semester break till September . It has been 2 years I didn't update anything here, so sorry . After that, on the same day, we need to think about something to help Shafique to earn some money so that he can join us for this trip. Harith just can join us for a while as he was busy with his Kopitan , oh yaa, do eat there at Kopitan Seberang Jaya. We came out with an idea, so Shafique need to sell his electric guitar at mudah.my in order to earn money, he only have 24 hours to do so. Imagine his electric guitar worth 1500 MYR but he desperately need money, then, he sold it for 450MYR only. Shafique on his luck on another day because someone bought it, nahhh surely buy maa because very cheap . So its turn out to be a good news for us because he can join us now

3rd August 2017

Enough with introduction, at top there I shared few of  my first day pictures in Hatyai. I'm sorry, we need to proceed to our journal , I mean story , haha. I'm sorry too because I need to get back my old skill as I left my skill for a long period. Engineer just do calculation, no story or essays . Back to our main topic, before I proceed to 3rd August, we go back to 2nd August for a while. We (I and Shafique) slept at Firdaus place . Sarah and Harith on their own ,huhu. We reached there at 8pm and we went to mamak stall to eat, hidup bujang maaa. My mom not around as she's in Setia Alam babysit my nephew . Then we had fun karaoke just 3 of us. I didn't slept on that day . Firdaus and Shafique woke up at 5.10 am as our transport will move at 6.00 am. We just use 300 MYR at the first place as we taught the hotel gonna be around 60 MYR per person.

Move along, we left Firdaus place at 5.30 am, suddenly Sarah called us, she sound like rushing on something. She said, the van left us, that's sound interesting . We just asked her to chill or if she can, just stop the van first. Unfortunately she said the van left us without any explanation . Okay, so Firdaus tried to call for the van and guess what, the van driver said , he's on his way to the place that he gonna pick us, hahahahah, so Sarah mistaken the wrong van . At 6 am sharp the van start to move heading to Thailand. we can't sit in the group as there was two women, they can't understand us because we did ask them to shift place as we want to sit in a group inside the van, stupid people, talk malay cannot understand, talk in English also cannot understand. So I sat at the back of the van, paling belakang. Suddenly, there's two guy sat beside me, I suspected that they're gay . My taught was right that they're gay because suddenly I saw they're hugging, gosh .

I just ignored them, so I slept the whole journey and texting my love until we reached the border . Later on, one of the guy asked me something, GG, he just about the passport thing, but he sound like a girl, just ignore about him. Thai border already renovated into a new border . We need to que for half an hour in order to pass into those border . We continued our journey from Sadao to Hatyai , we took at least one hour to reach there. we reached our hotel at 10.30 am , we stayed at Mayflower hotel for 3 days 2 nights . As I said, 60MYR per night right ? hahaha we were wrong, we need to pay 970 baht per person because we miscount about the price of the room. So we spent 4700 baht for 2 nights . Luckily we have 5 people, somehow we could reduce our burden to pay expensive room. We unpack our stuffs, we chill, relax for a moment, and we played one game mobile legend until 1pm. We had our lunch at Salma restaurant , a muslim food restaurant . The food quiet okay , just 7/10 I can give. Then we went to 7-11 infront of our hotel. Guess what, all stuffs there really really cheap compare to Malaysia, well you know what I mean.

After that I,Harith and Sarah went to buy some pulut mangga. It cost us around 70 baht, seriously those pulut make us khayal , Idk apa yang ada dalam tu. So we all fall asleep until 5 pm. Later, we solat, we did jamak for Zohor and Ashr , then we went to Asian Market to shopping . We ride a tuktuk, btw, we went to Hatyai by ourselves without tour. Our journey took us around 15 minutes riding tuktuk that costed us 20 baht . Very cheap, but , tuktuk tu almost nak reban dah hahaha. Only I and Firdaus spent there . So I bought a pant and just key chain. Remember, we need to bargain here to get cheap price.

We went back to our hotel, we had our dinner nearby our hotel. Just a small food stall. I ate keoyteow for 50 Baht and when you reach Thailand, you guys nust try their Teh Ais , sangat sedap . Here in Hatyai, you can communicate with them using bahasa Melayu (Kelantan accent) . You can kecek kelate, murah lah mu dapat harga barang-barang nak beli . The time zone here slightly diff one hour with Malaysia. Thailand early one hour from Malaysia. No need for me to teach history to you guys because I think all of us know why, in the year 1983, our former prime minister changed the zone and bla bla bla.