Thursday, May 26, 2011

exam fever already ended

Horey! Exam already finish. By the way, my mid year exam is not so difficult la. Just easy . I just put full affort to all my subject especially in BM. But alhamdullilah my BM result is a little bit worse. I just got 84 in my exam. Ok la, I will tell you all about my schedule before my exam.

1st week before exam:

Ok2 we start from Monday. Tday go to school as usual. Wake up around 5.30 and solat Subuh . Then just reading English novel because want to improve my english. Meanwhile, just play with my kitten. haha. Around 7.15 a.m. I start walk to school. Around 7.30, the bell ring. Time to go to the assembly . Then study as usual. In the evening, its very busy. I just go to tuition classes from 4 pm until 8 pm. HUH . A long time, hahaha. (Sorry, I wrote a broken English but just do like you not seing anything) hahaha. Around 8.30, I just reach home. Tired after walking about 600 m (hahaha) . At home, I just read Math book n do some revision about math from form 1 until 3. It take a long time to finish it. Almost forgot to tell you all, this year I will take PMR so need to study hard. We continue in Tuesday, today go to school as usual. Today didn't got PJ because it raining. HUH . So bored la. Stay in the class do nothing . But I do my revision on Science. Then after school, I got PUZ classes. Oh No!! Tired la. haha. But Pn.Rabaah(my english teacher) always told me 'you must put away your lazyness if you want to excel' haha. She always say that to me. Furthermore, my mother also force me . So, PuZ class ended around 5.30 . After that, I just loitering around. Then, go home. At home, I just On9 my facebook for a while only. Then study agama. Ok2 we move on to Wednesday, wait, maybe I no need to tell you all la how about my day in wednesday because it is
ordinary. Then, we move on to Thursday la, today just go to school as usual. Then go to PUZ class. Today is Science. Cikgu Pisal. urghhhh! haha
For your information , I always late when PUZ have science class. hahaha. Lazy la. This evening I got tuisyen at inotek. Today english Mr.Su . Ok2, at night as usual study. No time to facebook n sms. Move on to Friday, today my class relax only. Because no important subject today. Actually, today exam bahasa Tamil n Cina. So, we all relax la. After recess, we all go tu bilik masakan . Makan2 . haha. Then go home around 12.15. Then go to Solat Jumaat. After that go bowling . Today score is quite ok but so tired. Today I didn't go silat. Lazyness in my mind.
Tomorrow, we all plan want to go to library. Then, we all change our plan. We all go to Sunway. Firdaus want to find something there. Ok2 I don't want to told my schedule today. We go to Sunday, today Firdaus create a birthday party. So, Aiman, all his friend from 3A n 3B come. They also brough him present. Haha. I just gave him adidas shirt red in colour. So tired la today because I n aiman help him since 12 in the noon until 6 in the evening.

The 1st Day:

The time have come, today is Monday. Haha, my first day of exam. First paper bahasa melayu paper II from 8am until 10 am. It within 2 hours but it doesn't enough la. But I quite lucky because I can finish it within 1 hour 58 minutes. After that, we all go recess . Its time to take a brake. huh, relax our mind for a while. Out of the blue, the bell rang, that means we all need to go up ang continue or next paper that is Bahasa Melayu paper I. It provide us only 1 hour. At the same time, we all also cheat on the exam. haha. We all always asking for answer with each other. haha. Luckily the teacher does not saw us. Huh. Ok2 Around 12 at noon, we all stopped because the time that provide us is already finished. We all the a break once again. I take that change to read agama book. Pendidikan Islam will start at 12.25 . Pendidikan Islam very easy. Hope I will got A's in that subject. Amin! .

The 2nd Day:

We continue in Tuesday, the second day. Today Sejarah, English & KH. I just gonna say that English , Sj & Kh quite easy. The first paper is Sejarah. Sejarah got 60 questions. WOW! haha
Quite easy to me because I Love SJ . After SJ, we continue with English paper I. Paper I a little bit harder. As the result, alhamdullilah , I got 35/40 . But I don't know how about my paper II. After we all answered all the question in paper I, we all go to recess. As usual , I will loitering around the koperasi. After that, we all go up stair n sit up for our next exam that is English paper II. I like essay. Last paper for today is KH =.=' . While all people answered the question, I always go to the toilet. Actually just loitering around. After that, go home as usual.

The 3rd Day:

On Wednesday, I already forgot the date. We all answered Science & Geografi paper. Geografi Very easy~ But science, ( better don't ask me) it very difficult. Paper 1 is more easier than paper 2. After that, its time to go home . Haha. Today I'm so busy with math. OK2, after that, at night. My sis n I go to the sunway carnival. my sister go to the girl shop. How about me? haha. As usual, go to the Popular n do some reading. Its free. haha. Thats my hobby la if you want to know. Then go home n sleep.

The 4rd Day:

As you know, today is my last exam but we all not Merdeka yet. But I don't know how bout my friends. They keep saying Merdeka! all the time after the exam but for me, its not merdeka yet PMR is around the corner so, prepare yourself. Ok2, we continued. Where was we just now?.......
OOOO, ok2, around 8 am , we all start answering our paper that is Math paper 2. It Quite easy . I like it. All my friends said it difficult. I don't think so because to me, it very2 simple. Hopes I will got A's in mathematics . Insyallah~ So, the bell ring at 10.10. Its time to go recess. I also carry math book along. But cannot focus because.......(something secret to told u all) . After recess , we all go back to the class. Exam start around 11.30 , so, it have many times to do some revision. The time is come, haha. Math paper 1. A little bit harder. But, sometimes I keep asking Ali for the answer . Not all la but just one and two only . The last paper is seni. I hate it. My friends n I just hentam ja . After all this week, the exam already ended. So, its time to relax for 1 day. 1 day only, cannot more than 1. So, that evening, I go to tuition at Inotek. English time! haha. After the tuition ended around 8pm. My friends and I go to Sunway. We all go to Mini toons. That is our first destination. Around at the quarter, I left sunway and go home. my mother plan to go Nasi Kandar . haha

I think until here only my story during my Exam week. Sorry for interfere you all. Sorry for wasting your time. ^_^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I love Math

I love math. Tajuk nie agak menarik. WOW. Exam next week. huhu. Target Math
A++. Bole x? Insyallah boleh klu belajar. kn3?
Hmpa plak , bila exam? All the best 4 you all!
Ak mmg suka math , x taw npa. Ari2
time rehat kat skola sure ak bwa buku math.
Klu hmpa knai ak, sure nmpk pnya.
Klu nk minta ak ajaq tu bole la sikit2.
Mai la cari ak, klu x segan la. Sbb ak nie x ckp bnyk. huhu.

Ok2, THE END. haha


'I may n0t be perfect.....but I am what I'

am and that sh0uld be g00d en0ugh f0r u

Ayat nie ak trnmpak kat fb seseorang nie, ak dh block dh org nie. Sja nk cita kat blog nie. Meluat gila ak ngan dia. Dh dpt tu, lgi nk wat cm nie kat p5 banner dia. Mmg...... . I may n0t be perfect

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Mna ak nk pilih erk? empat-empat nie bgus. Tpi ak lbih prefer kat United Kingdom dri dkt US.
Klu Cambridge tu, jngn harap la. just 6% ja bole msuk. haha. U tu untuk org genius ja bkn cm ak, bodo. haha . Ak target Oxford or Sheffield ja. haha. Lmbt lgy. Jauh lgy prjalanan ak. Saja nk wat gedik boh tajuk nie sbb dh x dak idea dh nk wat tajuk pa ^_^

The truth is~

X taw la napew ngan ak nie. La nie ak jdi malas nk wat smua bnda. Nk update blog mls, nk on fb mls , nk ckp ngan org pown mlas. Sng, bole dikatakan malas nk wat semua bnda. Aduyy. Ak tngk dia tu cm happy ja la nie. Ak ja always sad. Dia always wat derk jaaa. WTFish toi. haduii. Ari tu ak dh remove....... dya kat fb. HUH. Bkn dia kesah pown ak friend or x friend ngan dia. Dia peduli pa? Yg pnting dia happy ngan si 'dya' tu. Tpi2, awt ak yg emo melebih?? ntah la. ~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 hari

Dh 5 hari ak x update blog ak yg burok nie. Story dia cm nie, pada suatu hari...........~ The End~
Ok2, ak serious la nie. haha. Khamis tu Skola ak ad wat lawatan p Collage Isystem kat BM. Dia pilih 40 org plajar yang cemerlang Math n Science. So kami pown tunggu la bas kat canteen dri kui 7.40 smpai 8.50 cm tu. Bas x mai2 pown. Last2 si Izzuddi kluaq skola sbb nk p kdai. Then, ad sorang pak cik bas nie tnya , ' mna budak2 nk p ke BM tu' haha. Then dia pown p la gtaw Saw. Kmi pown naik la bas. Dalam bas tu ak dok sblh Mus. Time tu cuma dngr lagu Maher Zain ja. Sampai2 ja Summit tu, kmi naik tingkat 7. Collage tu dalam summit. Msuk2 ja collage tu, trus jadi borink. Kat sna, depa cita cara cm mna nk kuruskn badan =.=' . Abis depa cita, depa ukur tinggi n ambik brat badan plak. haha. Nasb baik brat ak normal. Dalam kui 12 cm tu kmi diberi kebenaran untk ronda kat Summit. OK , kmi pown p mkn ja. Time tu ad ak,Mus,Ana,Wanie,Kerol & Dore. Kui 12.45 naik ba balik p SMKSJ. Tu ja aktivity ak ari Khamis. Esk plak, Jumaat. P skola cm biasa. Tpi ari nie x blaja lansung. English just wat bodo sbb ak dh siap keja tu. Then, KH wat keja kayu. Ak dh siap. Abis rehat sni tpi tuka p Kh sbb ramai x siap lgy kayu. Then agama , wat exam f2. Agak sng. Pas tu p Solat Jumaat. After that, p bowling. Tpi x ley main sbb system rosak. Serr. Ayaq penuh kat lane. Last2 p main Paradance. Ak champion. haha. Malam tu ak x p silat, x dak mood. Tba2 jdi emo smcm ja. Ak kn tiap2 mlm x dak mood. Esk nya sbtu tu ak p tngk wayang ngan Frah,Shahrul & Qurratu. Cita Seru. Cita tu ngarot gila. Dh la wat cita tu pkai Handycam, wat org pning. Abis2 ja cita tu, rmai org p toilet muntah. Ahad rutin ak x dak. Ak dok umah n p tesco ja.