Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Us in another 20 years ?

Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah ,
So let we start here, gambar as pembuka kata . 3 idiot with our weird faces :p Let me introduce first, from left, Firdaus, me myself and dore.
This picture when we're at Padang Kota , from left, Haniza, Nadd, and the girl with blue shirt is Azrina. 

For many times, I'll post this picture again and again till I'm bored , hahaha , however , I think only this picture have exactly 3 of us unite in one picture during our secondary school. 
As you all can see , this is me , back in the year 2012 maybe , how I love this kind of shirt during this moment , and thing started to change , maybe its kinda lame and old fashion , so I changed my fashion . 
I didn't know when did I took this picture , it happened randomly and spontaneously I guess. Dore haven't change , and Firdaus did changed little bit . Awkward huh ? Well human change , except for dore -_- 
I don't have anything to say about this picture since the picture can't really show my face . 

Again kinda lame right ? But it's cool because we will laugh whenever we see this picture . How me and Firdaus really transform . "I've changed" yaaa right , you're not a transformer . 
Any idea about this picture ? Firdaus seems a little bit thinner than before , hahahaha. I still remember , this happened when we was in form 4 , because I can see the scrabble thingy on his bed side . 
We look sweet right ? Blood brother will never far apart although the distance keep on separate us . Me. dore and firdaus were and still blood brother . 
"Ini hanya panas dunia saudara!" We're King and Queen of selfie , so whether it's hot nor not, we will always taking selfie, picture or anything related to photography . So here we are in Penang Hill . Hopefully, this blogspot can be a dropbox for me to keep many pictures :D 
This is Izzuddin , one of my friend since i was in form 1. Almost 10 years we know each other , hang tengok aku, aku tengok hang , sama lagu tu ja . 
Lasr time I think picture kinda cute but now I think this picture kinda weird and ugly . When we were in form 3 , not mature yet during this time . 
Dore with his face , haha , he used to do that face last time , luckily he changed now, but in certain attitudes only :P
Should I introduce ? lol, in the middle is Cik teha , one of my friend but I haven't meet her for long long time 

I feel a bit lazy to write, but I need to because few of my friends from the pictures will read it . Well, us in another 20 years ? huh , it's hard and a bit fun for me to write and describe my friends in the up coming time , 20 years ..... 2035 ? wow , I'm going to the future, nahhhh , just my prediction :P

Let me start here , well, we go with Firdaus first, maybe he will be a famous reporter or organizer or writer or hacker :P Firdaus with his wife and kids. Hopefully he will marry a Korean Lady and their kids seriously gonna be cute. Maybe he will stay in seoul, insyallah , I can't predict much because I'm not the one whom have six sense to make assumption :P

Dore, hmmmm , a husband to four ladies I guess :P sorry , he will have many kids too , botak tengah as being said before . A famous chef who doesn't want to cook to all his friends . Shisha maniac . A friend which want to get marry in Hindi style , need to dance in his wedding ceremony . A friend which will stay in London, maybe... 

Harith , a famous business man , like his mother, a successful business woman , insyallah , a friend of mine which can talk nonsense and ridiculous things all the time . A father to 3 kids , as he said before . Maybe he will be my neighbor if he wanna stay in New Jersey :P Surely both of us gonna be Americans insyallah . Just a prediction :P Owner of many patrol stations , sama macam sekarang :P

Haniza , well its pretty hard for me to predict . But , in my prediction , this girl will be a good and serious housewife to his husband :P Gonna stay in Malaysia because she's keep on nagging around nak nasi , nak kari , nak sambal :P A good mother . A good friend . Someone that can rely on . 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Halu , what's your name ? hahahah, assalamualaikum , well I'm back to write all my stories since I'm gone or being busy this lately , however, I'm free now till September of this year and surely I've time to update few posts here.

Okay, as I'm back in Penang , macam biasa , orang tu ajak keluar, orang ni ajak keluar sebab masing-masing lama tak jumpa, and a bit busy lah juga. Let start from study week, mungkin. My study week? well sound like its kinda stress week to be but it wasn't at all I guess, ya lah kitaorang lalui macam saat honeymoon, a week without class, a week without assignment and a week without nothing , so apa lagi ? its movie time , its party time mungkin.... Day 1 , bangun tido, termenung, tido balik. Day 2, benda sama -_-. Day 3, benda sama lagi -_-. Day 4 baru mula insaf , hindustan dulu, avengers dulu . Day 5, ordered 12 pizzas , party dulu, okay malam baru sedar yang diri nak final . And the other 2 days habiskan dengan study , so tu life aku sepanjang study week yang aku rasa saat paling heaven sebab tak perlu bangun pagi, siap2 ke kelas and so on -_- . 

Again , me with my roomates had a nice study week with foods , movies , games and so on. So exam start, so far paper semua okay for organic Chemistry and modern Physics, but bila datang maths, damn its like hell, memang aku suka Add maths , but syllabus maths ni senang cuma time exam ja soalan dia berbelit belit -_-, yaa hidup untuk dinikmati bukan untuk diratapi, so just follow the flown .
On the last day of examination , okay its gonna be the worst nightmare ever for me, buat calculation physics paper 1 without calculator, well nasib ada otak jepun dalam kepala otak ni, alhamdulillah boleh lah juga pi time jawab -_- . 

Penat lelah aku sejam tu menanggung marah terhadap pensyarah yang pressure aku suruh cepat masuk hall -_- again, hahahhaa. Tepat 3.30 petang , yeayyyy I'm done . Okay, traffic start nak jam sebab mak ayah semua kelang kabut nak sambut anak-anak depa , padahal anak-anak tu tak lari mana pun walaupun rationally there're running to pack their stuffs. Nampak tak kasih sayang si ayah dan ibu , anak sihat sejahtera tegap ja, tapi menyusahkan mak ayah suruh masuk angkat bag baju depa, kinda irritating and snobbish , but biaq pi kat hampalah kan yang penting exam dah habis. Then back in Penang , can see traffics jam , arrogant people whom drive their car's like rushing of something or they want to go to the toilet I suppose , bersangka baik kan . 

Officially back in town on Tuesday 28 of April , and my life start all over again . In other words, I'm back alive . Previously, I'm dead with papers, books and stresses . But, I'm free now, free from chemistry/physics/ maths books but still busy with chaos and chores. Still few friends just be in Penang till this June , aku ja tersasar sampai berbulan-bulan , nak keja, parents said, tak pe diorang give money . So I just make myself busy in the gym, jogging , eating and sleep , thats all my activities this summer and fall . 

So should I stop now ? Yes and absolutely yes . I love to mumbling and I'm a bit talkative somehow it's fun for me to talk to my friends nor strangers. But sometime I'm a bit shy . So ignore my weakness , thank you for your time reading my stupid post this time . To my classmates in Perak, my roomates , miss all of you . Best of luck from me here in Penang. Just take care and don't do stupid thing . Be a useful type of person in the future that can makes people proud of you and most important, be nice, and make your parents proud of you .