Friday, December 4, 2015

Heading to the future

Hello Assalamualaikum , first of all I just wanna say Barakallah , 27 November 2015 was the day kakak getting married .  "Kakak dah nikah , hang bila lagi ?" Hahaaha , that was the question they keep on asking me since yesterday .

 But seriously I dont have a girl to make as a wife . I dont even have a girlfriend . Last time people always say whenever you entered University surely you'll meet up with a girl whom will be your wife in the future , but , seriously kakak didnt have a boyfriend when she was in University , so ni membuatkan aku bersemangat untuk tunggu orang yang betul tu muncul. Kakak met her husband after she graduated . So I guess another 4 years I'll meet the right person to be my wife . To kakak and spark , congrats , hopefully you guys gonna be fine , dimurahkan rezeki , diberikan kesenangan , diberikan kelapangan atas perkahwinan korang , I still remember when me and kakak was a kid , we fight , we even cried and we didnt talk due to some problems but yet we still sibling and yet I hope hassan will make you happy till jannah insyallah , my responsible as brother to protect you ends here , my responsible as your guidance ends here .

 Take care my sister . Be a good wife , be a good mother too as well in the future and be a good daughter to mama and abah . This is life , I feel like yesterday me and kakak sitting together watching dragonball , eat together as a family , play hide and seek , but time flies very fast , we all getting old and life is hard as well . Feel like it just yesterday mama mad at us just because we broke her plate . Feel like yesterday abah mad at us just because we spent too much . All memories will remain inside our heart as a family . Congrats and take care . To Kakak here the message I want to give to you , be a nice wife , listen to your husband , patuh pada hassan , jaga diri . To Hassan, take care of my only sister , its not my duty anymore to take care of her health and wealth . Be a good man , be a nice husband , bimbing dia hingga ke akhirat kelak insyallah .

The day has come , the day all of us getting old , the day when we need to hold huge responsibilities , the day when we need to repay our parents sacrifice , the day when we need to take care of our parents . We're not young anymore , lot of responsibilities and burdens will be hold by us . Back to few years ago , I asked myself , what would be if kakak getting married ? Am I the most anguish person when the day comes ? The truth came on the day lafaz nikah dilafazkan by her husband . 

It just because she's my only sister I have dunia akhirat , I can't simply text her whenever I sad anymore , I can't simply text her whenever I'm bored , I can't simply call her whenever I cry . She got her own responsibility now , surely she'll be busy with house chores and her husband . I can't simply bother her . But alhamdulillah everything went well . Now segala tanggungjawab, amalan , dan perbuatan telah diberikan kepada suami dia , my duty ends here . 

Kakak deserve to be happy with her beloved husband starts from that day and onwards , I hope she'll be happy as the skies still blue and yet she'll be fine . I'll not by her side forever once I'm gone , not gone to die by gone to continue my studies somewhere once I graduate from USM Chemical Engineering . I got my own future for me to catch . It just started . My journey still long .

Time flies , feel like yesterday abah mama and me drove kakak to her University , feel like yesterday I saw kakak took her SPM result , feel like yesterday I saw kakak cried because she felt happy . But yet Im happy because I still can see my only kakak getting married . Im sad , Im happy , Im excited and lot of feelings I felt . Mama , Abah , Kakak , they're my teacher , they're my friend , they're my heroes as well , I rely on them , I cried to them , I hope I can see everything that missed once again , I hope that I can meet up my happy family once again ,  everything flew , berteman dimalam yang sunyi penuh doa , I pray for Allah to give them wealth , I pray for Allah to give them health, I pray for Allah to give the pride , I pray Allah to take care of them , bersaksikan air mata , I asked Allah to take them far from aljahim, with this tears I ask jannah for them . I hope I can be young at this moment forever , I just want to be with my family , I miss them . 

But I need to face the truth and the reality as well too , I doing fine with my study now , few years more , I also with be marry to a girl that I love, although I've no girlfriend now. The day will comes , the true love will appear soon , just believe that . Manusia yang selalu gembira itulah manusia yang paling sedih sebenarnya dan dia sentiasa berusaha untuk memgembirakan hati manusia lain . Manusia yang paling tenang itulah manusia yang memikul beban dan masalah yang paling banyak sedangkan dia sendiri berusaha menyelesaikan masalah golongan manusia lain . Terima Kasih kepada semua sahabat , jiran-jiran, saudaramara yang hadir ke majlis pernikahan kakak , segala cacatcela majlis dipohon maaf dari pihak aku buat keluarga aku . Jazakallah ya sahabat , syukran . 

kakak said  "Sebak. I am touched... Don't worry, I will always be your sister and include you, mama abah in my prayers. Love you always brother. Insya'allah. Kakak doakan hang berjaya dalam University, remember my advice okay. Love comes naturally and it needs to be gained."

~ syukran ~