Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Us in another 20 years ?

Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah ,
So let we start here, gambar as pembuka kata . 3 idiot with our weird faces :p Let me introduce first, from left, Firdaus, me myself and dore.
This picture when we're at Padang Kota , from left, Haniza, Nadd, and the girl with blue shirt is Azrina. 

For many times, I'll post this picture again and again till I'm bored , hahaha , however , I think only this picture have exactly 3 of us unite in one picture during our secondary school. 
As you all can see , this is me , back in the year 2012 maybe , how I love this kind of shirt during this moment , and thing started to change , maybe its kinda lame and old fashion , so I changed my fashion . 
I didn't know when did I took this picture , it happened randomly and spontaneously I guess. Dore haven't change , and Firdaus did changed little bit . Awkward huh ? Well human change , except for dore -_- 
I don't have anything to say about this picture since the picture can't really show my face . 

Again kinda lame right ? But it's cool because we will laugh whenever we see this picture . How me and Firdaus really transform . "I've changed" yaaa right , you're not a transformer . 
Any idea about this picture ? Firdaus seems a little bit thinner than before , hahahaha. I still remember , this happened when we was in form 4 , because I can see the scrabble thingy on his bed side . 
We look sweet right ? Blood brother will never far apart although the distance keep on separate us . Me. dore and firdaus were and still blood brother . 
"Ini hanya panas dunia saudara!" We're King and Queen of selfie , so whether it's hot nor not, we will always taking selfie, picture or anything related to photography . So here we are in Penang Hill . Hopefully, this blogspot can be a dropbox for me to keep many pictures :D 
This is Izzuddin , one of my friend since i was in form 1. Almost 10 years we know each other , hang tengok aku, aku tengok hang , sama lagu tu ja . 
Lasr time I think picture kinda cute but now I think this picture kinda weird and ugly . When we were in form 3 , not mature yet during this time . 
Dore with his face , haha , he used to do that face last time , luckily he changed now, but in certain attitudes only :P
Should I introduce ? lol, in the middle is Cik teha , one of my friend but I haven't meet her for long long time 

I feel a bit lazy to write, but I need to because few of my friends from the pictures will read it . Well, us in another 20 years ? huh , it's hard and a bit fun for me to write and describe my friends in the up coming time , 20 years ..... 2035 ? wow , I'm going to the future, nahhhh , just my prediction :P

Let me start here , well, we go with Firdaus first, maybe he will be a famous reporter or organizer or writer or hacker :P Firdaus with his wife and kids. Hopefully he will marry a Korean Lady and their kids seriously gonna be cute. Maybe he will stay in seoul, insyallah , I can't predict much because I'm not the one whom have six sense to make assumption :P

Dore, hmmmm , a husband to four ladies I guess :P sorry , he will have many kids too , botak tengah as being said before . A famous chef who doesn't want to cook to all his friends . Shisha maniac . A friend which want to get marry in Hindi style , need to dance in his wedding ceremony . A friend which will stay in London, maybe... 

Harith , a famous business man , like his mother, a successful business woman , insyallah , a friend of mine which can talk nonsense and ridiculous things all the time . A father to 3 kids , as he said before . Maybe he will be my neighbor if he wanna stay in New Jersey :P Surely both of us gonna be Americans insyallah . Just a prediction :P Owner of many patrol stations , sama macam sekarang :P

Haniza , well its pretty hard for me to predict . But , in my prediction , this girl will be a good and serious housewife to his husband :P Gonna stay in Malaysia because she's keep on nagging around nak nasi , nak kari , nak sambal :P A good mother . A good friend . Someone that can rely on . 

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