Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Another year , Another life

Hello Assalamualaikum , it has been almost 3 years from that moment . The moment I feel useless and somehow stupid to believe in girls . Susahkan ? Susah bila kita terlampau sayang, suddenly the person you love the most lied to you, disappoint you, ignore you . Suddenly everything changed , clockwise . 

Thing change now, Im much better than before. Its kinda hard for me , but the situation make me realized that it is not easy to believe in girl especially when the girl give hopes and expectation . So start it all over again and again recover from sadness . Because we as guy who broke a lot deserve to get a better life, better girl instead :P . 

Took time actually , 2 years wasn't a short period . The pain I felt, hahaa , make me stronger too .  Last time , I really stupid because I did believed , I did cried , I did hurt , everything was a lie and fake. So I run away from problems, I cried , I brought I broken heart along with me to a place . Day by day , Im getting better , Im getting well . Life isn't perfect sometime , its all lie and full of dramas . A friend told me , life just full of joy and happiness , but I refused him , life just bullshit for me at that moment , I repeat at that moment . Love is blind, love is a lie and love is a game . 

So , I studied hard for me to release my stresses . I did bad in my SPM examination , just because of love . So after SPM , with pray and affords , I studied hard , alhamdulillah I scored 4 flat in my examination , so actually life wasn't bad at all . Start at that moment, I started to realized that life is full of happiness if you manage to search for it . Its a mission for us to search for our happiness. Friends and family just a catalyst for us to gain strength . Allah give us chance to change and improve our life before he take that opportunity because we dont change ourself and God know everything . 

High expectation will fail you in the end , but moderate expectation will keep on burst you to gain success . My main point is stop wasting time on girls before you gain your glory and victory , get me ? I failed before , now its time for me to chill and enjoy with my glory . She just my past, just ignore, forget and forgive . I deserve someone better , she deserve someone good for me indeed . 

Well it just memorable and precious moment for me , maybe the part of my life will vanish in history of my life . I moved on and let it go but sometime Im not strong enough to handle when Im alone ,this isn't love, but this is lust as being said by her . Last time Im like an insane person , I can even cry all day long , I dont know why but it's weird .Surely bored , but it doesn't last time :P 

It has been ages since 2013 , just a precious memory that will vanish from my heart soon . 

It just a lie, I did well in my SPM examination and I scored 4 flat in my final , alahmdulillah and thank you :P 

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