Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year , New Book

Hello assalamualaikum , almost two months I haven't update my blog . Orang tengah busy :p haha , Busy ke ? Sebenarnya boleh dikatakan busy dan boleh dikatakan tak busy , macam mana tu . Well , memangaku agak busy since banyak lab reports and some calculation kena buat , memang sangat-sangat busy , but just 4 bulan je lagi . So , just back to main topic, aku sebenarnya busy sebab tolong kawan aku siapkan assignment dia , just snap gambar banyak-banyak . Besides, aku balik cuti pun just sabtu, ahad (sebulan sekali) so I can't update my blog due to lack of time :D 

Okay disini ceritanya, oh ya pictures yang sedia ada ni aku snap between 2014 and 2015 since my activities held between December and January. I have friends ,of course more than one , I suppose they make me happy all time with the laugh, jokes and so on . So we went to pantai RnR dekat kawasan Bagan Luar near Penang Port . Besides , we brought Sarah along to join us snapping photos and main belon buih -_- Sejak December 2014, cuaca tak menjaminkan elok but untungnya on that day kami nak keluar cuaca cerah , maka bergambar lah kami . Sebenarnya banyak tapi takkan semua perlu share dekat blog kn ? Anyway , its on purpose nak siapkan assignment Firdaus , he need to snap lot of pictures for his proposal . So here we as friends help him . Unfortunately , Thurai can't join us because he's celebrating Christmas . 

About the traffic ? Only God knows , how I drove my car during Christmas and new year . So a few days later , I went back to Perak because I need to attend Physics class on Monday . Dengan muka tak ceria aku merangkak balik menaiki kereta ke Perak , just 180 km away from my house . Isn't bad at all because I can't sing "3000 miles away" song because my destination still beyond limit in Malaysia. However, although it's just nearby (dekat sangat ka ?? -_-) I still got lot of works to be settle within a day . I thought I'll be back again on 3rd of January 2015. Luckily , a friend of mine asked me "eh kau dop balik ke Rabu ni ?" He's from Pahang , so his accent consist of combination of KL and Kelate for sure . And thanks him , he gave me idea to run away back home on Wednesday which on 31 December 2014. 

Before going back , few things I need to settle such as ask for permission , fill up form and ask for autograph in addition , I need to meet Pengarah Pelajar untuk di interview . Okay, masa untuk menjana idea selepas beberapa jam otak betuk dek kerana lecture hall yang sangat sejuk . Alasan simple I gave him "ada family gathering sir " , dengan muka muncung soal aku beribu-ribu bagai , in the end , dia fed up , and I'm back . Sure my friends gonna be happy and sure they're . I reached Penang quiet early since I drove my car illegally beyond limits . Went to Arjan met Firdaus , Harith and Dore . Dore aren't change since last time I met him , chemically didn't change but physically change , he got new hair style ! Quiet impressive and make me shock . 

We went to Penang Hill on 1st January 2015 to snap pictures and again helping Firdaus with his proposal . We brought Finie and Wawa along . Since they're my friends since I was in Secondary school , so our conversation does not awkward at all . Again, we snap lot of pictures together and even we took selfies . Its part of their hobby and my hobby I guess , yes it is . So I'm off from my study for 5 days . We had so much fun together . Because my mom and I took Dore and Firdaus to my kampung . Well we spent much time together . So on the next post I'll post about them , sure I will , insyallah if I've time .    

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