Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello friends , today as the time being , I was away from my beloved family , friends and my hometown , for my own future . Semester 1 gonna end soon and its time to take a break after being struggled for 6 months . Everyday , day and night lack of sleep doing proposals , lab reports and calculus , yaa , tbh I'm kinda stress here .

Well , here I might share few of my daily activities , as you my friend wanna know what happening , I mean what did I go through in this 6 months . Here

Morning, 7.30 - 8 : Preparing myself for classes
8.00-4.00 : Classes such as physics practical , chemistry practical and etc
4.00-5.00 : Program for mentor mentee
5.00-6.00 : Eat , walking back at least 1km , relax , solat
Then , my time being extended from 6 to 4am

6.00pm-4.00am : Study , revision , Read books
4.00-7.30 : Sleep

Sometime , I haven't sleep , thinking all the burdens in my head . 15 chapters for physics in this 6 months , or less than 6 months , 7 Chapter for chemistry and 10 chapter for mathematics . Luckily I didn't vomit or eat my book as my roommate said he thought I ate my own book when he woke up in the morning .

Besides , I miss my friends , kawan-kawan zaman sekolah , just certain of them only . Few of them just make me sad . I was stupid last time , I wasted so much time , and now I stronger enough to raise up again and fix my mistakes . However , I've received my Mid Term result and guess what , Alhamdulillah I scored :P and I got band 6 for Muet in this Mid Term test .

Sesugguhnya bukan niat untuk riak , cuma niat untuk memberi rangsangan dan untuk berkongsi segala activities aku . Moreover , I wrote this just for my own diary , but it's okay if you guys wanna read it , I don't mind , cuma jangan mengutuk or comment apa-apa .

Less than 40 days for final and I hope that I can do well , pray for me , Insyallah . New York here we go , ameen , Basmallah . 

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