Monday, July 14, 2014

Cherish moment

Hello Assalamualaikum , today I've few time to spent with my blog after being busy for the whole year . So from the picture , that's my Gopenghagen , interesting ? Gosh you must be kidding me . I'm so tired , I'm sick of this place and I want to go home , yaa , that's I felt after being here for almost 3 months , but I'm so glad that every two weeks my parents came and fetch me up , because of that , I doesn't miss home damn too much meanwhile I did missed all my buddies , few of them in Melaka , few of them in Perak , few of them in Johor , few of them were not longer in Malaysia , glad that they will be back during raya .

My preparation for raya ? well , I did not enjoyed as last year , this year for me I feel like sacrifice my time for my future , you get what I mean ? I've lack of time , I've lack sleep here , I've lack of relax and I've lack of everything . Besides , everyday I got works to do as an example, lab report , tutor works either it's in physics or chemistry or maths or english , mostly it's give today and we need to past up either by tomorrow or within 2 days , normally we only have 1 day to finish up 40 tutor questions . Having fun ? yaa this is my life for another 220+/- days . Hopefully , I do enjoy after I've finish my one year program here . Besides , my parents did gave me much much much money , so in other word , I did sacrificed my time but in the end I gain something , so the game and the situation still fair as usual . Insyallah I'll perform my umrah few days after I end my program .

So because of that I said I can't even think about raya due to busy . Busiest men have the most leisure . Moreover , its ramadan people , surely peoples are tired during day time and they don't have energies to do works. So they replace their time by taking a nap so do I , yes , TBH I get enough or mucmuchmuch sleep during ramadan since I've finished my class, I went to my room and began to sleep , then , at 7 I woke up and be prepared for buka puasa , thats my life cycle for the whole ramadan during my stay here .

Today , I woke up at 9 due because I slept after fajr . I woke up just because I've physics class , if I'm well heart type of people , sure I'll sleep until the sun perpendicularly on top of our head which means it's in evening because today is a public holiday , besides its such a relax day for us in kmpk . Everyday we got classes from morning to evening whereas if we've extra classes , we need to extend our time from 4pm to 5pm or 6pm . Life a student make me sick actually . So my friends and I planned to stay up all night playing games , watching movies and study , but unfortunately I fall asleep and they spent our cherish moment without me . Seriously after I'm awake at 4 , they still up and playing games . Well known as they have such an owl eyes I guess. Luckily I fall asleep , if not , sure I will be very sleepy during lessons . I'm back to my room at 1 and guess what , they were about to sleep , which mean they will be up at 7 again , and sure I'm all alone now , well , I can study and can concentrate on my studies , yesss , so well goodbye , wanna read books and sleep , byeee peps    

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